Master courses

Baroque oboe mastercourse

Baroque oboe mastercourse

Instructor: Guido Titze

Participants will have intensive instrumental and stilistic instruction for five days. They will receive several individual and group lessons. Participants are asked to bring their choice of literature. Please bring your full scores.


Some special suggestions due to the theme of the course:

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Sonata g for oboe and B.c.

Georg Philipp Telemann: Sonata g for Oboe and B.c.

Georg Friedrich Handel: Sonata c, F, B for Oboe and B.c.


Participants are invited to play in chamber music groups. They should prepare one or more of these works:

Georg Philipp Telemann: Concert for 3 oboes, 3 violins, B.c.

Quartet G for recorder, oboe, violin, B.c.

Johann Friedrich Fasching: Trio c for oboe, violin, B.c.

Johann David Heinichen: Trio B for 2 oboes, B.c.


There are two Basso continuo accompanists who will work with the students.

Students and teachers will give some concerts, all of them are open to public. The program will be decided during the week.