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Lute and Guitar Masterclass

Lute and Guitar Masterclass

Instructor: István Kónya

What can LUTE PLAYERS expect from this course?

Since there is no official lute education in our region, we consider it important to briefly but systematically deal with such material, which is essential for lute playing. Therefore, besides individual classes, we are planning group lessons as well, in which we will learn about the following: the practice of improvisation and diminution, the basics of figured bass, the harmonisation of chamber pieces, the Renaissance and Baroque ornamentation.

What can GUITAR PLAYERS expect from this course?

We will deal with the practice of the improvisation and diminution, the adaptation of continuo for the guitar, the ornamentation of Renaissance and Baroque pieces, the adaptation of Baroque lute effects for the guitar and the transcription of Baroque lute and guitar pieces into guitar modes. We will pay special attention to the luteworks of Weiss and Bach as well as to Visée’s works written for the guitar. With this knowledge, guitar players will be able to enrich their Baroque repertoire.

Working languages: HUNGARIAN, ENGLISH or GERMAN.

Photo: Renáta Puskás

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